64 Squares

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Panchami Shenoy K


Ms. Panchami Shenoy K is an international FIDE rated chess player, she has been playing chess since 15 years, has a teaching experience of over 10 years and holds a degree in Psychology. She is a philanthropist and is passionate about making people realize their true potential. 64 squares is her brainchild and she found it with the sole purpose of helping people find their passion as she firmly believes that it is only with knowledge and skills can a person find his place in the society. 64 squares is not just a business venture but a mission to make education available to everyone all over the world.


Emilia Nisha D’souza

Working as an HR Audit Analyst at Byju’s, Ms. Emilia Nisha D’souza applies her passion of interacting with people to drive success on projects and working with teams. A computer science student working with huge amount of data, her interest lies in the field of insurance and is passionate about pursuing actuarial science. Working with varied groups to encourage people to find various career opportunities.

Shabdik Varma

Mr. Shabdik Varma is a graduate in Commerce, specialized in Finance. He is an International FIDE Rated Chess Player with 20 years of playing experience and the founder of Springers Chess Academy and has 4+ years of teaching experience. He was the Head of Commerce and Business Management students’ extra-curricular training association in college which aimed at honing the skills of students for the corporate world.

Aleesha Abdul Kader

Ms. Aleesha Abdul Kader is a Psychologist with great passion in research. Her research interest is in the area of Childhood Trauma. She has presented her research entitled, Students Reasons behind their choice of undergraduate courses at 3rd International Teaching and Learning Conference. Since, grew her interest in the field of Career Counseling.